Lea Finke

My wildlife art does not only portray endangered species; I want to illustrate their stories.

 My play with colors, the transparency, and dynamics of it tells of vulnerability; the usual complete lack of environment symbolizes their isolation and need for protection. And yet, both the one and the other stand for liveliness, for departure, unrestraint, even defiance.

 I was born in 1971 in West Germany in an area characterized by a conglomerate of the fossil fuel industry and mining. My own experience of the destruction of nature and alienating from it awakened in me an almost insatiable need for nature. To move in it, to experience and enjoy it is not only an aesthetic experience; it is a basic human need. 

 Nature is the place where we can come to rest.

 This is the reason why I want to protect and preserve this abundance of life, the immeasurable wealth that our planet offers. This is the source of my inspiration. That is what I want to paint.

 I came into contact with ABUN – Artists and Biologists United for Nature in 2018. I found an artistic home, which offers me the possibility to contribute, to help, to support – to make a difference.



ABUN project #33 – Dia da Amazônia 
Photo courtesy of Marcos Amend 

Materials: Watercolor on watercolor paper (140lb) 
Size: 21×30 cm | 8.3×11.7 in 

ABUN project #31 – Philippine birds 3 species  
Photo courtesy of Peter Widmann   

Materials: alcohol ink on stone paper 
Size: 30x30 cm | 11.7×11.7 in